Saturday, June 1, 2013

Makey Makey

This is a little off the normal posts, but I recently bought a Makey Makey. What a great product! We (the 8th grade science dept) are hoping to have a few in our class next year. These are amazing. What is a makey makey? Check out the video How to Hack a Banana. Go ahead I promise it is worth it!

Cool right? Here is a video of my own kids about five minutes after we got it out of the box!

It is so easy to use. They are a little intense. They really loved it. You can hook it up to almost anything, it just has to be a little conductive. The makey makey how to site was a big help.

I love how they decided the 4 year old should be a note.

Here is a link to MakeyMakey, I will update as soon as I have tried it out in my class! We ordered 8 which should be enough for 3-4 per group. I think I am going to give them a theme and see what happens. Can't wait!

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