Monday, April 6, 2015

Spark 101- Special effects exploding a car Mythbusters blowing up a car

Spark 101

Steve Wolf special effects guy explains the science behind blowing up a car for the movies.
After section one stop the video and ask students to brainstorm the answers to the questions on the screen in small groups. Share out ideas.

*Car Parts can't fly too far
*Explosion 30ft
*Money in the air
*Car lifts up

Watch the second section. Ask what would you change in your design?


Explosive History of Nitrogen

1.What is the formula for ammonium nitrate?
2. What is ammonium nitrate used for?
3. What caused the ammonium nitrate to explode?
4. What is Alfred Nobel famous for?
5. What features do all explosions share?
6. What is an explosive? ?
7.Why is nitrogen in a lot of explosives?
8. What is one way to speed up a reaction?
9. What caused the ammonium nitrate in the ship to explode? (page 10)
10. Summarize the 10 points on the timeline at the bottom of the page in your own words and in a timeline format.


Friday, October 3, 2014

How it's made Neon Signs

Daily Question: How are Neon Signs made? Why do different gasses produce different colors? How do they create a variety of colors.

Real World Chemistry

A great site with beautiful infographics which explain the chemistry behind everyday foods and the periodic table.